My art journey!

I grew up in California until the age of 9 and loved going to the beach, swimming in the neighbor's pool, wishing I was a mermaid.  As an adult, I moved to Florida 35 years ago and have never left.  I live in paradise!  I am 2 miles from the sugar sand beaches and turquoise water!

Twenty years ago when E-commerce started getting very popular, I started two online jewelry businesses, one called "Tropical Bracelets, Inc." and the other called "School Spirit Beads."  With Tropical Bracelets, I sold my handmade bracelets online and at a high end gift shop located in the Fort Myers International Airport.  After a couple of years, sales for School Spirit Beads was doing better so I decided to focus solely on that business.  School Spirit Beads consists of bracelets created with colors representing school colors.  I sold them for fundraisers, cheerleaders and schools sold them, and, I had international orders, the largest coming from Ireland for 1,000 bracelets!  One year American Cheerleader magazine contacted me and wanted to put a quarter page ad for my bracelets in their national magazine.  The following year a teen magazine editor contacted me from "M" magazine (Movies, Music & More), and wanted to include my bracelets in their magazine.  That was exciting!  After years of 15 hour days  stringing bracelets, my neck developed degenerative arthritis so I had to stop

My husband and I then sold our properties and bought a national pest control franchise and moved from south Florida to NW Florida to build it.  We've been here ever since and continue to run the business.  I was missing creating art and one day a few years ago I noticed fluid art and resin art on YouTube.  I dove right into it and have been a fluid artist ever since!  Now I combine my love of the beach with my art and wish to share it with others.  Enjoy! 

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